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Positive Results

With positive force free training this is possible. 


"Rottweilers by breed are protectors, but Behr was an overly aggressive, untrained, "bully" who would test everyone in the family and liked to jump on you and chew or Nip at fingers, hands and arms. If you tried to walk away he would nip your but.  With the help and patience of you Paul (K9-Star), Behr has turned into a dog anyone one would want as a pet. You have taught both him and I the basic commands as well as harder commands and the biggest transformation I see and am amazed by is he is trusting both his family and you his trainer. Behr is more welcoming and calmer now that he gets what is wrong and right and we both were taught that Behr is very good at feeding off your vibe and to stay calm and soothing voices work better with this particular dog.

Your training has transformed him into such a good boy.....

Thank you!" Stafenie

"Last year my husband and I rescued a Jack Russell who was advertised as " neglected and abused". We named him Rocky and gave him a good home. We thought we adopted a 4 year old dog but he turned out to be 9 years old and came with some baggage. After a year of doing what I thought was right I was not making progress. I knew I needed help. I had heard Paul's name brought up to me by several people as someone who could help. After contacting Paul and starting Rocky in training I was quite amazed how Rocky responded to Paul's method of training. Paul would actually come to my home and we worked on both inside and outside behavior issues. Even my neighbor's commented how the training has helped Rocky. As good as Paul was with Rocky he told me the key was to train me to train Rocky. I have gained much in knowledge and correct "positive" training methods and much of Rocky's behavior issues are now corrected. It is never to late to train your dog. Rocky proved that at 9 years of age."

Joan, Seminole, FL

"The dog in this picture to the right is "jake" is proof that Paul is great! He was virtually unadoptable before he met his new best friend and trainer. Jake now has a loving family of his very own thanks to Paul!"

R. Moore DVM, Largo

Paul is wonderful!! We adopted 2 rescue dogs, completely different breeds and each had unique issues. They had both been neglected and one was borderline ferrel. Paul was able to zero in on how to address each of their needs. His approach is calm, supportive and actionable! He quickly identified each of their queue's for us to look out for. After just a few months we are now enjoying completely different dogs. They are happy, much more confident, and sociable! We couldn't be more happy and thank Paul for giving us our doggy family! Thank you Paul!

Steve and Rosie, St. Pete

"My dog April pulled on the leash so much that I didn’t want to walk her and when I did we just went a short distance. I had two lessons with Paul, and April is walking right by my side without pulling. What a difference in such a short time! I wish I’d of called earlier. Now I enjoy walking my dog and have learned much about the way dogs think. Paul is a wealth of information and has a passion for what he does. Thank you Paul."

Dawn, Seminole, FL


“We were having various issues with our puppy,including some pretty nasty food agression, and were honestly feeling overwhelmed. Paul taught us strategies to work with him, and helped him learn his manners. He was patient and explained the "why" behind what we were doing. I am happy to say we no longer have any trouble with food agression AT ALL and have a more manageable dog. Paul is passionate about what he does - it shows!”

Kelly, Westfield, IN

“One of our dogs barked at just about anything, from a flag blowing outside, to a neighbor coming home, etc..  Paul recommended what now seems like such an obvious and simple way to stop that behavior.  From the very first day I started doing what he sugested I saw a big improvement.  It’s only been a couple of weeks so we’re still in the process of the new training but I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you Paul!”

Debby, Clearwater, FL

“Over the last 4 or 5 years we have attempted to correct the dogs behavior, two dogs together on a walk is the most stressful experience of our day... We attempted to improve the walking and welcoming into our home...  a private  trainer, group training, videos, TV shows, sugestions and prayer. A couple of months ago, Paul was 

visiting  our home for the first time and noticed immediately who was in control (the dogs). We took the opportunity to have Paul come to the house each afternoon, while we were away, to train and exercise the dogs. When we returned after 5 days, Abby and Joey were transformed  Who said you can't teach two old dogs new tricks."

John, Pinellas Park, FL


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