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Positive Training

enhances the bond between the dog and the guardian

Dogs just want to have fun! 

Dogs by nature want to eat, sleep, keep safe and have a good ole time.


By teaching dogs “who’s boss” and forcing them into “calm submission” is precisely the opposite of what they really need in order to learn effectively and overcome behavioral issues.


Basically, positive reinforcement means that if you reward a behavior you like, there’s a better chance of that behavior being repeated. The use of positive reinforcement methods when teaching your dog has been universally endorsed by the behavioral scientific community at large as the most effective, long-lasting, humane and safest method in dog training.


When you’re training your dog, keep it upbeat and positive, using lots of tasty treats or a toy as reward for proper behavior. If the pup doesn't respond to a command or just does it wrong, we say “nope”, (without sounding upset) don’t give a reward and have pup try again. As soon he gets it right we give a treat and plenty of happy praise.


Call us today to get started making a positive difference in your dog!


-Paul Kitwood

What if you could change your dog just by saying YES?

A simple word

A powerful word

A life changing word;


Just say YES...

And change your dog forever.

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